You've got the idea,

now it's time to get all the know-how to

make your Business flourish

Productivity + Time Management

Your to-do list is always growing, the responsibilities keep piling up, and it seems like you’re constantly coming up short in the quest to find more time. You work 80 hour work weeks and constantly feel like you didn’t get everything checked off your list that you wanted to that week. Sound familiar? Yeah, we get it. While there is no magic potion to create more time in the work week and cloning yourself hasn’t become everyday technology — there are other solutions to getting more done in less time. In this wkshop, you’ll learn the secrets to productivity and how to manage your time so you can do more and work less. You’ll walk away from this wkshop feeling like someone gave you a magic potion (aka practical action steps) to help you work like a boss in order to maintain what you are doing and continue creating kick-butt things in the world.


How to Establish Yourself as a Leader in your industry (and attract your ideal client)

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the biz for a while— it’s vital to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. But, sometimes, this task can seem like a total beast in an oversaturated market. In this wkshop, you’ll learn how to make your brand stand out from the crowd, how to establish yourself as an industry leader, all the while attracting your ideal client. You’ll walk away from the wkshop with fresh perspective and solid action steps on how brand your business in order for it to grow and exceed your goals. 

How to build a Winning Team

Building a team is no joke — it’s serious business. The people you bring on to help you carry out your vision can either be a total blessing or a total curse. Whether you’re bringing on a friend to help you manage the workload or you are getting ready to start hiring interns and employees — this wkshop will give you all the do’s and don’ts to help you build a winning team that will conquer the world. You’ll walk away from the wkshop feeling empowered to make positive decisions in building your team.


Expanding Your Business Using Creativity

Ever feel like everyone you know is expanding in their business — minus you? Or ever feel like you know you should be expanding, but don’t know in which direction? In this creative interactive wkshop, we’ll walk you through the creative process so that you and your business can expand in monumental ways. whether the expansion is deep or wide, it doesn’t matter. But, what does matter is that you and your business are always taking steps forward. As some poet once said, “Stand still too long and you’ll find yourself going backwards.” Okay, maybe we made that up — but, regardless, its still truth. If we’re not moving forward, we’re going backwards. This wkshop will challenge you and help you think bigger so you can increase your revenue, further your reach, expand your influence, and make a bigger dent in the world.

Breaking past Your limitations and finding success

Limitations — we all feel them and we all experience them. as dreamers, the limitations that we experience can often feel overwhelming and sometimes create a tension with inside of us— between where we are and where we want to be. Sound familiar? While many times limitations can feel like big barriers that are blocking us from taking more ground in our dreams and businesses, limitations actually have zero hold over you. In this wkshop, you will discover how you have the ability to break past your limitations and reach your unlimited potential. you’ll learn the tools to help you overcome the limitations that you are feeling in order to find ultimate success.



Everything you need to know about marketing, 

social media, and using the two to

make your ideas go viral. 

Social Media like a Queen

Have you ever felt like everyone knows all these secrets about social media except for you? Like how to attract a loyal following, how to make your feed look like perfection, how to use social media to increase your income, and how to leverage it to chase your dreams? In this wkshop, all the secrets will be revealed — from the tricks we’ve learned (and tested) to our favorite resources that help us run social media like a boss. You’ll learn what platforms you ought to be using and how to leverage each one to your advantage. Whether you are a small business owner, a solopreneur, activist, writer, artist, or just a wild heart finding her path — this wkshop will teach you everything you need to know about getting noticed on social media and how to use it to make your dreams come true.


Creating Content that Matters

We all know —content is everything. If you’re not putting out good content, then how do you expect to be found? While it’s a known fact that content is King, often, trying to figure out what to say and when to say it is the hardest thing. On top of that, there’s the added pressure — “what platform do I release it on?”  In this wkshop, we’ll uncover how to generate content that resonates with your audience, developing a strategy for your content, and how you ought be leveraging different platforms to get it out there. Blog Posts, social media, email marketing, web copy — consider it all on the table for this wkshop.

Launching with a bang!

Ever feel like you have the most genius idea in the whole world and you're not sure how to launch it and get it out there? Do you just throw it out there and hope it floats? Or, do you craft a game plan? And if you do, what the heck does that even look like? In this wkshop — we're covering all that jazz! From start to finish, the weeks leading up to launch and the weeks that follow in order to create traction behind your genius idea. Say goodbye to second guessing yourself or wondering if you're giving your idea justice. Be ready to take notes — because, you'll be walking away with practical action steps on how to launch your next big idea out into the atmosphere using social media and marketing! Get ready to launch with a bang!


Growing an Audience & Building a Tribe

You have an idea, you have a project, you’re ready to launch — and now, it’s all about getting the crowds to notice and become a loyal tribe. Because, we all know, that’s it’s not enough to have a good idea — you need to create an audience, a tribe, of people who believe in this idea, too. In this wkshop, you’ll learn how to convert a crowd of people to loyal tribe members, how to build a tribe that isn’t just about the quantity but is focused on quality, and how to give your tribe members what they need most. You’ll walk away with the knowledge on how to grow your audience organically and lead a tribe of people in a daring and bold way.



Whether you're just starting out or have been

in the game for awhile, it's time to get

down, dirty,  and successful!

Making Goals and Kicking Butt

Whether you are just getting started or you have been cranking out work for awhile — setting goals is essential for kicking butt in work, life, and dreams. The truth is — we, as humans and dreamers, can obtain and achieve anything that we imagine. However, often, we don’t experience the things we want, because we’re shy about saying what we really want. We never launch that project, because we lack the proper goals. Our business never grows, because the goals seem unattainable. We never reach for more, because it seems impossible. In this wkshop, we’ll merge our dreaming spirits with practical knowledge in order to help you set goals for your life, career, and dreams that you can not only reach, but exceed. You’ll learn how to set the right goals, achieve them, and make room for success. By the end of the wkshop, you’ll feel confident in setting daring goals empowered to reach for the stars.


Everything We Wish We Knew

Ever wish you could sit down with someone and find out all their secrets of how they got to where they are? All their mistakes, so you don’t make them. All their success, so you can follow suit? Get ready, cause that’s what this wkshop is all about. In this wkshop, Lin + Lou will be sharing all their secrets— the good ones, the funny ones, and the “don’t do this!” ones. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from real life success and failures and be able to ask questions. Nothing is off the table. We’ll talk about money, working with friends + building teams, how to know which idea to execute, and what not to do when building an empire.

Building the Foundation of a Successful Business

They say a building is only as a strong as it’s foundation. The same goes for business, dreams, and movements. In a society that is oversaturated in just about every market — it’s important to have a strong foundation for what you are building. In this wkshop, you’ll learn how to build a strong foundation for your idea that will stand the test of time. You will learn how to brand your idea in a fresh and compelling way, how to identify your ideal audience, and what you need to get started. Hands down, you’ll walk away from the wkshop feeling like the tangled mess of starting something has been detangled and confident that you can start something that matters.


Finance, Dollars Signs, and Budgets

Money — it’s one of those topics that is either beloved or dreaded. Regardless of how you feel about it, money is something that is needed to survive and to make your ideas thrive. In this wkshop, you’ll learn from a finance expert on how to make a budget that works, how to make your money work for you, and how to make smart decisions that will help anything you do be financially successful.