Does the wknd schedule allow for me to plan my own activities around the city as well?

The wknd will be packed with wkshops, experiences, and community events. There will be a few hours during the wknd to explore the city and all it has to offer, however, we suggest if you want to make any additional adventures outside of wknd’s agenda to fly in early or leave a little later.


Will I be given a wknd schedule before I attend so I know what to expect?

Definitely! There’s a wknd break down that you can reference here that will give you a general overview of the wknd. In addition, a few weeks prior to the wknd you will be receiving a wknd schedule in the mail as well as an email with important locations and addresses.


What time should I fly in and out? And can I fly in early?

The wknd starts at 5 PM on the first day and ends at 12:30 PM on the last day. We suggest flying in with plenty of time to make it to the hotel at 5 PM and plan on catching a flight in the afternoon of the last day. You are more than welcome to fly in early — if you fly in the day before the wknd starts you will be responsible for your own hotel accommodations.


How will I stay in touch with the other amazing wkndrs afterwards?

We believe that community is essential in life. We need each other as we’re chasing dreams. After the wknd, you will be invited into a private Facebook group exclusive to Wild Hearts Wkndrs. In addition, you will be invited to the annual #WildHeartsFamily Wknd which is also exclusive to past wkndrs. Our Facebook group is a place where we have the occasional virtual book club, you can ask questions, connect with other wkndrs who are doing similar to you, ask for help, and seek inspiration on a daily basis. The family wknds are special, magical, and that special time where you get to reunite with all the wild hearts who have become your sisters. The wknd is less about wkshops and more about connecting and doing life together.


How big are the wknds?

Our desire is to create genuine community through Wild Hearts Wknd. We believe that there is a place for big events, however, there’s something magical and beautiful about a small intimate group of women coming together to learn, dream, and adventure. The wknd is a unique experience and we never want to see anyone get lost in the crowd. With that said, the wknds are designed for 20 wkndrs to join the experience. The wknd is a safe place for you to be you and dream with wild abandon.

What does the wknd cost include?

The wknd is all inclusive. Hotel accommodations for three nights, transportation within the city, eight delicious meals, five skill wkshops, and experiences are all taken care of! You won’t have to pay for a thing. The wknd cost does not include transportation to the wknd city, alcohol, or desserts at dinner.


Do you have Payment plans?

Absolutely! We understand that sometimes finances can be a beast. We want to do what we can to help you get to a wknd. With that said, when you register for the wknd you’ll be given the option to pay for the wknd in full upfront or to make 4 payments over the course of the weeks leading up to the wknd.


Will I be sharing a room?

Yes! The wknd is designed to be an intimate setting that fosters deep relationships among fellow wild hearts. There’s something magical that happens when you spend the wknd with a group of girls, sharing a room, have dance parties while getting ready in the morning, and diving into deep late night girl talks before bed. We believe that magic happens in the little moments.

If you’d like your own room, please let us know and we’ll make the proper arrangements. Please note, this will change your wknd cost.


Can I make sure to stay with a friend who is coming with me on the wknd?

Yes, definitely! Be sure to add your friend’s name to your registration form and we’ll make sure that you two are in the same room.



The wknd is non-refundable due to the nature intimate all-inclusive wknd. Once you register, your money is funneled through a budget to ensure that you have the best experience possible.



We’ll say this— the wknd is what you make it. The wknd was designed with intention to walk you through an experience and ultimately to give you the courage, knowledge, and skills to chase your without abandon. If you choose to forgo parts of the wknd, you’ll miss out on something special.



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