A Getaway Wknd for The Everyday Girl

This getaway experience is a gathering of women who have wild hearts — who refuse to live an average life and are ready to dive into all the grandness life has to offer. The wknds are about fostering beautiful community, giving you the tools to design your life and launch your dream, exploring new cities, and dreaming of wild things.

Our deepest desire is that you leave the weekend with the knowledge that your dream matters. The world needs you to be fully alive— a dream chaser with a wild heart that can’t be broken.

Wild Hearts is a weekend getaway designed by Wild Hearts Co. for the everyday girl, the girl who isn’t okay with living average. The wknd is breaking all the rules of traditions and is extending an invitation to YOU to do the same.

Too often, we get caught up living the “American Dream” and never take time to actually dream up new dreams. We take life as it comes, instead of designing the life we desire to live. Wild Hearts Wknd is an opportunity to hit the pause button on life, take a deep breath of fresh air, and dream wild dreams. It’s a moment in time — where you’ll learn what it means to live extravagantly and chase your dreams.


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In 2013, the founders partnered with Go International in order to host the Justice Tour, a humanitarian trip. The tour started in Quito, Ecuador where the team was able to work on the front-lines fighting human trafficking.

After three years of bi-weekly challenges, the founders retired the #CoastToCoastChallenge in July 2015. While the topic of conversation has changed from "fashion" to "dreaming", the heart and soul of the company remains the same: to challenge, inspire, and empower women.

In May 2016, the company changed their name from Coast to Coast Central to Wild Hearts Co. as a declaration of who they are, who they want to continue becoming, and who they want to always be. The name represents that even when chasing is a dream is hard, even when we feel like we've failed, when we aren't sure if we have the stamina to continue on — we will, because we are wild hearts who can't be tamed. Wild Hearts Co. is a community of dream chasers who want to change the world through wild ideas and unexplainable generosity. Wild Hearts Wknd is an expression of this mission.

Wild Hearts Co., formerly known as Coast to Coast Central, was founded in 2012 by Lindsey Eryn Clark and Lauren Palomares. In search of a tradition to keep them connected despite living on opposite coasts, the girls quickly came up with the idea of uploading their creative spin on fashion trends for each other on Instagram. Using the hashtag, #CoastToCoastChallenge,  Lindsey and Lauren started off as the sole contributors. As the weeks passed by, friends and strangers alike began joining the girls in their weekly tradition of posting outfits. The challenge spread like wildfire across the globe and the girls came to a decision to create a home for the challenge, Coast to Coast Central.

In the weeks that followed, the girls began weaving in their heart for justice into the conversation. After all, they'll tell you any day of the week they are first and foremost, humanitarians. As the challenge grew, so did the community. It soon became a rich community, full of diversity, authentic conversation, and dreaming hearts. The mission quickly came to "challenge, inspire, and empower women as they connect with one another and are strengthened to pursue their dreams and become the answer to the world's greatest needs."